Our Services

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Shop from our e–commerce portal and collect your order from the nearest pickup kiosk at your convenience. Enjoy peace of mind without waiting in queue at the store counter and without worrying about the shop getting closed.


Locate our network of self-service kiosks on the home page using the search bar


Parcel delivery service available 24x7 at your preferred and convenient locations. Schedule your e commerce deliveries for later pickup. We value your privacy by not sharing your contact information with any third party, thereby ensuring a safe and secured delivery at our lockers.


Enjoy hassle free and cashless transactions via secure mobile wallet.

Kiosk Service

We setup a model to run and manage multiple mini shops (Mobivend kiosks) with fraction of what you would usually spend in setting up a store on a street. Unlike 3-4 employees working to manage a single store, with Mobivend, just one person is sufficient to run multiple mini shops in the vicinity.

Customer Relationship Management

Track customer buying behaviour, frequency of footfalls and shopping trend on your tab or phone. Enjoy customer loyalty through thousands of recurring users in apartments and other gated complexes.

Seamless Inventory Management System

We provide real time inventory tracking and monitoring system to keep a track of current stock position and products sold so as to facilitate judicious replenishment of stock in all kiosks. This eliminates possibility of human error in stock check and ensures the availability of products in kiosks at all times.

Quick payment settlement

Receive payments faster with our cashless payment facility and reduce cash management overhead. By having end to end payments electronically, there is no hassle in payment collection.

Meal Kiosk

Our kiosk consists of various types of nutritious meals and assorted snacks. All you need to do is select your favourite meal on the app, pay online, and collect the meal from the kiosk installed in your office. No more standing in long queues or waiting for your meals to be delivered.

We care for employees to stay healthy and productive at the workplace. With our self -service kiosk, employees won’t waste their precious work hours by stepping out of the office campus to have their meals.

By hosting our kiosks you will be offering a premium meals delivery service with no investments from your end.

Mobivend provides its partners with a service which has clearly measurable value that ensures a superior customer experience & loyalty. Now you can open satellite business locations in corporates and ensure customer loyalty just by sitting at one place. You do what you are good at, i.e, cook delicious and healthy food and bear no extra overhead. Mobivend will take care of logistics, setting up meal box, finding locations, collecting payment, paying rent and electricity bills.