Mobivend Business

Smart machines do Better business. How does Mobivend help?

Cashless payment in vending machines-

  • User Friendly Interface (Choose- Scan- Pay-Vend. Easy to use, hassle-free interface)
  • Increase Sales (cashless vending attracts the growing base of customers who do not like carrying cash)
  • Sales analytics (Merchants can remotely manage inventory, sales and machines with Mobivend telemetry & management ERP)
  • Improves Refilling Efficiency (greater insights and lower-down time, stock-outs are averted and efficiency is improved)
  • Auto, fast & remote refunds and lower operating costs
  • Eliminate Complexity (no need of inserting cash/coin in the machine)
  • Saves Cost (remove expensive coin and note acceptors/changers from new machines)
  • Effective Marketing & Promotion (Merchants can put up a tablet-powered by Mobivend app on the machine to showcase product nutrition info, run new product launch campaigns, highlight discounts & offers)

Vending Redefined with Mobivend enabled Self Service Kiosk

For Merchant

  • Real-time inventory management (sales analytics, remote live inventory tracking & alerts)
  • Cashless Payment Options (all popular payment getaways available-mobile wallets, net banking, credit/debit Card, UPI)
  • Expanded Merchandising (Refrigerated and ambient compartment in a single kiosk)
  • Marketing & Promotion (ad space on kiosk, tab and the app)
  • Money Directly in Bank Account(money comes directly in your bank account. No commission and no additional hidden charges)
  • Custom software integrations
  • Customizable alerts
  • Exportable reporting
  • User access restrictions

For User

  • Simple easy interface
  • Cashless operation
  • Mobile app for easy machine selection (browsing products, making online payments and unlocking the products ordered)
  • Post payment option available in smart trays enabled kiosks